Where do you live?

I am from the San Francisco area (Bay born and raised, baby) and but I can't wait to head to Los Angeles in August 2021 to begin living at my university. If you think I live in Portland it is probably because I did spend October 2020 there and created a lot of content while there.

Why are you gluten-free?

When I was 13 I struggled with some pretty difficult stomach problems that impacted which foods I could and could not digest. After some doctor's visits and blood tests, I was instructed to go on a gluten/dairy elimination diet which I have been on ever since.

Why are you vegan?

When I began high school I started to grapple with issues regarding climate change and realize how much my generation's future hinged on how we treated the planet. With some research, I discovered a plant-based diet would be the single most impactful way I could reduce my carbon footprint and that is when I began transitioning animal products out of my life.

Do you go to school?

Yes, I do! I am a journalism student a USC. During COVID-19 like most students, I did my school online. I finished up my senior year and began my freshman year of college. Because of the virtual nature of my school, I did not feature any of it in my content leading many people to wonder if I even went to school. However, I did take a leave of absence in Spring of 2021 from school to go on a NOLS semester.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite individual food to eat is watermelon. My favorite food to make at home is pesto pasta. My favorite food to eat at a restaurant is the Garden Box from Asian Box or the Chipotle Sun Goddess at Cafe Del Soul